A New Start. A New Experience

We all have that feeling of excitement, apprehension, anticipation and other mind tingling sensation when we land on our dream job. It's even better when we are posted overseas for that once in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What would be your utmost concern when you start work in a foreign country?

- Where's the foods (Local, cheap, delicious)? 

- What's the culture like?

- What are the basic Do's and Dont's amongst the locals?

- Where can you get basic necessities (Cheap ones, I mean)?

- What's there for me to do on weekends? etc etc....


Talk to us - THE LOCALS!


Nothing beats hearing about a new country through the people living here for their whole life. :)


Contact us to know more about the different modules which you can sign up.

Start Time:

0900 hrs. You decide the start time


Either public transport or private car



As specified by guests


Starts at $60 per module for up to 4 people (Depending on the type of vehicle required).

Please email for a detailed quote.



This is for you to know more about this country. Tell us your needs, we take care of the rest.

per module
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