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Gambas Zone 1 RC Family Outing

Updated: May 1, 2018

Gambas resident group photo

We are so happy to get the opportunity to work with the Gambas Zone 1 Residents' Committee to organise a family outing for residents on 3 September 2017.

With the hectic lifestyle of Singaporeans, everyone has a very busy schedule. Even as a family, we hardly have a chance to sit down, have a meal and chat.

This event aims to provide an opportunity for families to spend a cosy morning together and everyone is welcome.

The poster that launched an overwhelming sign-ups of 80 residents. Woo Hoo...

Residents were taught how to make their own pop-up cards.

Each member is in charge of colouring one flower to be included in their card as a full bloom pop-up flower.

When everyone in a group or family put in effort to create a pop-up card together.

The value of the card is PRICELESS, just as the love amongst everyone. After a visit to the National Orchid Garden and goodie bags given out. We have a group of very happy residents ready to head home. 

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