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Punggol 21 INC Chit Chat Session

On 18th March 2018, we were very honoured to be selected to organise a very meaningful event for a group of new citizens during the Punggol 21 Integration Naturalisation Champions (INC) Chit-Chat session.

Before we set off, all the new citizens as well as local citizens were divided into three teams so that there a good mix of participants in each team. Together with a tourist guide for each team, they went on a discovery journey to understand more about the Chinese Culture in Singapore. Everyone got to visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre and got to see the living conditions and lifestyle of the early Chinese immigrants.

On this journey, everyone took a river cruise down the Singapore River on a traditional bumboat used to ferry cash crops during the early days when Singapore was a thriving port batter-trading in cash crops such as pepper, gambier, nutmeg, rubber etc. Gliding through the Singapore River amidst the calm water, everyone was treated to stories about the Merlion, old trading hub and colonial government buildings.

To spice up the day and a chance for everyone to interact, we included an activity where a new citizen from each team has to help order coffee for his/her team using our local Singapore lingo. It was a real commending moment as they recited orders such as Kopi-O-Gah-Dai, Kopi-Siew Dai on behalf of their teams. Specially designed postcards helped the local citizens teach them the various lingo and they also used the cards to exchange contacts with each other. It was heartening to see new friendships formed because of this activity.

Complimenting their coffee, each participant also got their taste of tradition with a serving of egg tart and tau-sar-piah.

An event is never complete without a goodie bag for everyone to bring home and remember.

All participants were given a goodie bag that contained traditional goodies and products made in Singapore. Everyone had a nice time reminiscing the past as they look at the Siang-Zha snack, rice paper ball, Tiger Balm Ointment, Chupa-Chup candies etc.

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