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Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Much hype has been generated over the Hollywood blockbuster - Crazy Rich Asians. It definitely showed the glitzy side of this small country with just over 700 square metres of land space.

Now, one of the questions I believe many people have on their mind is whether all Singaporeans really live in this manner? With only 2% of the population who can afford a house, the answer is a SURE NO....

I would say, it does show what a typical working class Singaporean like us at Go Gai Gai Pte Ltd might do, once in a while, when we wish to live it up. (After months of saving our hard earned money)

So, how do most Singaporeans live and enjoy? This is an interesting take as I look at myself and people around me. Almost 85% of us stay in government subsidised flats in neighbourhoods. Each block of flats will have a good mix of Chinese, Malay and Indians or a minority race living together.

Each neighbourhood is planned with a town centre that contains a bus interchange, MRT station shopping mall(s), hawker centre(s), clinics etc. The combination of services and shops can cater to everyone's needs. Thus, you may not find working class like us crowding the 'rich' zones at all.

For the nice weekend get together with friends or family, we can venture into the local hawker centres or Tzi Char stores. Tzi Char is a local dialect term with translate to "Cook and Fry". Each neighbourhood generally will have one or two famous ones, which have won accolades on various food blogs, such as hungrygowhere, Daniel Food Diary etc.

Indulge in interesting local inspired dishes such as Cereal Prawns, Salted Egg Yolk Pork Ribs and many more. 

So what are you waiting for, why not book a Sane Simple Asian tour and explore our Singapore!


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